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What's in an address?

Written by Charne Gibson
whats-in-an-address What's in an address? - Nimble [is]

An address for any logistics team is the beginning of a critical process – final delivery. Providing accurate address information early in the campaign execution process is critical because without on-time delivery, all the creative genius behind design, pre-press, printing, and finishing are often wasted.

With precise and up-to-date address data, the Nimble team is able to deliver your finished product without impacting your promotional schedule, but there’s more… an address early in the process allows for effective production planning. 

How is address information used in production?

Data providing various product-quantity configurations per recipient are critical to the planning of kitting and fulfillment order production. In addition, to help ensure on-time and accurate delivery, Nimble uses verified address information to plan ship dates, pack dates, production dates, and ultimately when materials are ordered and how labor is scheduled.

Each address has unique characteristics; providing the number of transit days needed for delivery being the most apparent but there are additional underlying uses which are oftentimes overlooked. An address is the beginning of Nimble’s profiling capabilities.

Nimble can generate custom maps and analytical information for your marketing and operations teams utilizing just address and destination day points, in addition to providing cost-savings by mitigating the need to use expedited shipping methods for fast-turn campaigns. The groupings provide information profiled for selected locations. Tracking is provided by address, order history is tracked by address, and updates to fulfillment quantities are all dictated by profile changes associated with an address.

Address information is not a post-production endeavor but rather a pivotal element in planning that can save effort and expense.